Frequently Asked Qeustions Regarding Online Coaching Classes

1. In what way our live video online classes and its recordings benefit a student?

a) It gives clear concepts and explaination of problems and concepts from basics.

b) Any number of times u can listen till u understand it clearly and fully

c)Different color pens are used in lessons so that it will be very clear and more interactive for the students.

d) No need to worry about not finding good teacher for extra coaching.


2. What is special with this alexmaths.com online coaching?

These  videos classes and its recordings  are designed in such a way that we have  explained all the concepts from very basic and anyone listening this can understand easily and they will be able to work out the problems on their own after they learn. so a student can learn, from the basic to higher level concepts here.


3. Are these lessons according to prescribed syllabus?

Yes. It is strictly based on the prescribed NCERT syllabus


4. Is there any particular way  a student has to study while using this website?

Yes. Just listening these lessons will not benefit.

A student has to sit with pen and notebook in front of the computer when these lessons are running.

Lke a actual class, the students has to listen to the lessons first, then once the problem is over they can workout in their notebook without seeing.


6. What are the requirements to use these video lessons?

A computer with internet connection.


7. How many times a student has to listen to the same lesson?

Periodic revision is advisible. In this way a student will not forget what they have learned. REVISION is one of the key secret of 100% marks.


8. Can ICSE/ISC board students make use of www.alexmaths.com?

We dont have lessons specially for ICSE.  These lessons are based on CBSE protion, however there are some chapters like matrices, determinants, differential calculus, application of differentiation, integral calculus, application of integration, differential equation, vector algebra etc... which the other board like ICSE/ISC  has common with CBSE and students of other boards can utilize whatever is required for their portion.


9. I already have tuition, how does this online coaching program help me?

Many of our students are already having tutions. But definitely students can find a diferent way of learning the concepts comparing to any other coaching .


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