Sample Video Problems CBSE  maths 12th standard


Chapters for 12th CBSE:
1. Relations and functions 
2. Inverse Trigonometry 
3. Matrices 
4. Determinants 
5. Continuity and Differentiability 
6.Application of Derivatives 
7. Integration 
8. Application of Integration 
9. Differential Equation 
10.Vector Algebra 
11.Three Dimensional Geometry 
12.Linear Programming 

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1 Relations and Functions:

2. Inverse Trigonometric functions:

3. Matrices:

4. Determinantes:

5. continuity and Differentiability:

6. Application of Derivatives:

7. Integrals:

8: Application of Integration:

9. Differential Equations:

10. Vector Algebra:

11. Three Dimensional Geometry:

12. Linear Programming:



13. Probability:






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